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Look no further if you aspiring to find the ultimate location where you can rehabilitate from an injury, recover, and restore movement. Dr. Kuntz can assist you throughout the spectrum from an initial injury up through performance. Perfect for all athletes and golfers of age 13 and up! Please inquire below so that he can learn what you need from him.

Finalized 7 best practices fake ebook coverWant to start taking progressive action towards your low back pain? Check out Dr. Kuntz’s most recent E-book that helps you get started on the right track with your low back pain!read-more-button



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Your Premium Service for Serious Athletes, Golfers, or Anyone Looking to get Back into Shape!! Dr. Kuntz helps patients overcome their pain and avoid surgery by his Eclectic Kuntz Approach.


Mission Statement: To provide unmatched, compassionate care across the continuum of health from prevention to rehabilitation to high level performance training.

Vision Statement: To become known as the unparalleled provider for your health and fitness needs.

Meet Charlotte’s # 1 Sports Doctor  – Dr. Chad Kuntz

Professional pic white backgroundSports Specialist

Sports Nutritionist 

Orthopedic Specialist

Weight Training Specialist

Titleist Golf Trainer


“Feel free to explore my website to see how I can best help you or someone you know!”

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

 Who does Dr. Kuntz see? Treat? Work With?


Running Picture
Dr. Kuntz  specializes in helping athletes return to play as quickly as possible. He understands how important it is for the athlete to not only regain function, but to exceed in their beloved sport. read-more-button


Weekend Warriors

wekend warrios
Life is busier nowadays however most of us try to sneak in a hardcore workout during the weekend to make up for a lackadaisical week. Don’t let a lingering injury keep you from living the active lifestyle you need!read-more-button

Middle Aged Men / Women

middle age 
Dr. Kuntz understands how busy life can get with a business, a family and trying to stay active yourself. He feels he is a perfect fit for you if this describes you in any way as he helps this population return to their active lifestyle immediately.          read-more-button        

Greater than 55

balance elderly
As we age, it is important to us that we can stay healthy enough to support our family. This may be improving confidence in balance, improving your strength, or becoming more independent in our lives. read-more-button


Post Surgical Patients


You’ve just had surgery and need to recover ASAP! Or you’ve had the surgery a few months ago, “tried,” physical therapy, yet still are having some disappointing aches and pains. Let Dr. Kuntz provide you the 1-1 care that you deserve in order to help you return to the life you’re desperate for.

Most Common Diagnosis Dr. Kuntz Works With 


Don’t See Your Diagnosis?

 Dr. Kuntz probably treats and sees it all of the time! He will get back to you to make sure he is the best fit for your personal, premium service.  Click Below!

Unlisted Diagnosis?

What’s a Discovery Visit?

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  “Being that I offer a wide variety of services and see people on any part of the health spectrum, whether they just recently got hurt, have been dealing with chronic pain, or maybe they just want to lose the excessive fat hanging around their gut, I need time to sit down and understand what you’re going through! This also allows me a chance to get to know who you are. This is really important to me and helps me set up the perfect plan of success for each and every individual.” – Dr. Kuntz

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

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