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Golf is hard. Golf is harder when you don’t even have the functional capabilities to hit that tiny, stationary white ball. Being trained through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), he will guide you through a functional assessment provided by TPI to determine where your dysfunction lies. Exercises, physical therapy and or mobility drills may assist in the golfer’s capabilities of being able to have a functional golf swing. Note, he is not intending to alter your biomechanics, that is for a golf pro. He is simply trying to allow for the functional capability to perform your idealistic biomechanic golf swing.


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Location 601 N Polk Street Pineville, NC 28134 Phone 704.835.0831 Fax: 704.266.1281 E-mail Hours Tuesday: 5-8 PM Thursday: 5-8 PM Saturday: 11-5 PM ( As of December First will be... Monday: 10-7 PM Wednesday: 9-5 PM Friday: 7-3 PM
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