It’s 2017! How is it that physical therapists aren’t able to reach out to those in sub-rural or rural areas to provide quality movement screens and assist in their health?

Well, I think it’s time and that’s what this page is for. Dr.Kuntz has written and participated in a research study that examined the ability of physical therapists to accurately assess low back pain via telehealth. Basically he found out, it works!

As long as the internet connection is stable and there is adequate room to move in front of the camera, a telehealth assessment can be very beneficial. Physical therapists can still take into account the patient’s history and perform movements that will shine light on the true pain generator. Furthermore, exercises can be prescribed that tend towards the true cause of pain.

Telehealth can also be useful to help guide the patient in the direction he/she needs to go. This could include options of seeking out local personal trainers, physicians, imaging, etc. This will help expedite care and improve upon the patient’s prognosis of achieving the health they want in a much faster time period!

Interested in taking advantage of this access to Telehealth?  Click here

Telehealth Options – Which one is right for you?

Physical Therapy                                                                       Strength and Conditioning

+ Perform a Subjective History                                            + Perform a Subjective History

+ Observe Movement                                                             +  Observe Movement

+ Provide a Diagnosis                                                          + Can answer generalized questions

+ Provide exercises to perform                                             + Provide exercises to perform

+ Only allowed in NC, SC states                                             + Allowed in any state

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