Strength and Conditioning Cont’d

For $250, you can purchase a Strength and Conditioning Evaluation which provides an 

Josh dumbbell lift.jpghour long video conference call that thoroughly discusses your medical history, your personal experience and your diet! In addition, during this one hour evaluation, you will be introduced to the concept of your own upcoming mesocycle’s workout program which will be provided on a google doc excel sheet. A mesocycle is a part of your yearly strength and conditioning periodization program that roughly lasts around 4-8 weeks, depending on your goals in that time period. Throughout the course of the upcoming weeks, you will simply fill out your workout information ( sets/reps/etc) on the google doc allowing your Strength and Conditioning Specialist to observe changes throughout the month. In addition, you will receive a ‘Pr1me Progress PDF’ after the mesocycle is complete providing invaluable information objectively delineating your progress. 

Because strength and conditioning is holistic, sleep and life stressors will also be observed throughout the course of the mesocycle. facetime-pic

In addition to those components,  on the Pr1me Progress PDF you will be able to choose two exercises that you want to particularly track the weight lifted throughout the course of the month. Lastly, one bonus graph of Volume (for your exercise choice) and one graph of your weight changes will be included to provide even more detail of any changes throughout the past workout cycle. Please see the below picture as a sample of what you would receive:

Your Prime Progress PDF Example

Perhaps you feel comfortable with tracking this information and simply need a new exercise regimen to progress your level of fitness with a change of pace for the next upcoming weeks in your workout regimen. That is where the traditional online follow-up will serve you well. This will still provide invaluable time to talk to your specialist about your most recent mesocycle, “the goods, the bads,” and what upcoming goals you have set for yourself. This hour long video conference call will provide ample time to cover all of the ground and to set you up for another round of success. 

Of Note: Pr1me Movement utilizes so at your convenience, please create a user ahead of time and this will expedite the process as we plan your Evaluation/Follow-Up. 


Follow this 10 Step Process if interested.

Step # 1: Contact in form below

Step # 2: Fill out the three questionnaires (Dietary, Supplemental and Medical)

Step #3: Download to utilize app/website

Step # 4: Schedule a time/date with Pr1me Movement

Step # 5: Purchase the Strength and Conditioning Evaluation a minimum of 10 minutes prior to starting

Step # 6: Experience up to an hour long evaluation assessing your needs with a specialist 

Step # 7: A structured program will be sent to you customized to meet your demands/goals

Step # 8: Feel free to contact via e-mail throughout your program’s cycle for further questions

Step # 9: Work hard and enjoy your new journey towards a new and improved you!

Step # 10: Can either

1 ) Purchase a Deluxe Strength and Conditioning Follow Up 

2) Purchase a Traditional Strength and Conditioning Follow Up

3) Conclude your cycle and continue on your own.


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