Sports Performance Training

Are You Looking to Take Your Performance to the Next Level?

green mark1. Objective Testing – Dr. Kuntz will utilize objective tests that are best for you. Whether it’s how quick you want to be, how agile you want to be, or high you want to jump, Dr. Kuntz will implement an objective test(s) that are specific to your sport. This is key to know whether or not you are making the progress during the physical therapy process and changes you need to make.

green mark2. Pre – Post Assessments with the Shape Scale! (Coming Soon) – Dr. Kuntz also understands the importance of continuing to utilize only the best technology to assess your anthropometrics, muscle mass and where your body fat is. The ShapeScale will do just that as it creates a 3D version of you on your phone and shows us where you put on muscle mass, lost the unwanted fat and gives the information needed to progress in the next workout mesocycle. A lot of his athletes are looking to either build up muscle mass in the off season or are looking to trim down in the pre-season. This information is incredibly useful when looking to maximize your performance.

green mark3. Elite Skillset – Dr. Kuntz is known as Charlotte’s Sports Doctor and Weight Training Specialist for a reason. His elite method of sports therapy involves his athletes 1-1 and his extensive background in both sports and orthopedics yields him an eye for movement that is unmatched. He can understand where your weaknesses are present based upon movement and if you have any motor pattern compensations that need to be addressed prior to reaching peak performance training.

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