TPI Golf Screen

TPI Golf Screen


Looking To Improve Your Golf Game? Want To Know How Functional Your Swing Is?

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From The Desk of Dr. Kuntz – Pineville

Golf is hard. Golf is harder when you don’t even have the functional capabilities to hit that tiny, stationary white ball.

My name is Dr. Chad Kuntz and I am Charlotte’s best Sports Doctor, Weight Training Specialist who also happens to be Titleist Certified as a Level I Trainer.


Golf requires perfect harmony with almost your entire body in order to properly hit the ball the way you’d like. It probably isn’t surprising, especially as we age, that every joint and every muscle doesn’t contain the perfect amount of mobility and strength.

These subtleties eventually keep piling up and can yield compensations in our golf swings that can yield sub part results and even pain / dysfunction.

The Titleist Performance Institute Functional Screen was developed by the Golf Experts to pick up and sift out exactly where your compensations and limitations are present.

How Does It Work?


We set up a Discovery Visit. This allows me talk to you a little bit more about what exactly your interests are in the TPI Functional Screen.


We set up a time and date where we can perform the TPI Functional Screen. Fortunately for you, you have options as to what best suits you!

Options of

TPI Functional Screen Only : 45 minutes to 1 Hour


TPI Functional Screen + 3 Corrective Exercises: 1:30 Hours – 2 Hours

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At times, Dr. Kuntz may suggest that you are a great candidate for his hands on, skilled TPI golf therapy services to  further improve mobility for your swing. As an example, perhaps your spine is stiffer than it should be and is noticed during the TPI Functional Screen.

You will receive this one of a kind PDF showing your score, Dr. Kuntz’s professional assessment, as well as his suggestion for what would serve you the best!