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Nutritional Guides


Looking for a Nutritional Program That Helps You Build Lean Muscle? Lose Weight?

You’ve come to the right spot! There ironically seems to be more information out in cyberspace than ever, yet it has never been more confusing as to what you need to do in order to accomplish your weight goal.

For instance, perhaps you’ve been told it’s time to lose weight by your doctor and you know it would be good for your knees or your lower back.

So one day you decide to try a new fad like Intermittent Fasting or a Ketogenic diet and it works pretty good for a few weeks, and then you realize you really want to go out with your friends and want to break loose.

You wake up, realizing you over-ate and decide you just can’t keep up with the diet, only to show up at a social gathering and tell your friends and family how even though your doctor keeps telling you to lose weight, you just weren’t able to do it.

Sound Familiar?

You Didn’t Fail The Program, The Program Failed You!

My name is Dr. Chad Kuntz and I have been working and submerged in the Health and Fitness industry for 11+ years now. After treating hundreds of clients before and leaving it up to them to find their own nutritional program, I realized that I was failing my clients miserably.

After countless months of researching the top notch Dieticians and Nutritionists, not to mention rebounding off of the already countless years of having personal experience with my clients and their nutritional questions, I’ve finally developed a physical therapy program that you can help you succeed and to stay successful!

Now, I know what you’re thinking..

Why Choose Pr1me Movement’s Nutritional Programs Over Thousands of Others Out There?

Great Question and there are a lot of answers.

To Get started, Check Out These 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pr1me Movement’s Nutritional Programs.

green markSpecific To You- Each and every individual is slightly different. You need a caloric intake that is based upon your goal weight!

green markGoal-Oriented – I’ve realized that it does a huge disservice to each and every client of mine if they do not have an objective goal that they are shooting for. It helps align expectations and creates a game plan!

green markAchievable – There are more fads out there than ever before! However, almost none of them seem to yield achievable, natural results that have the end in mind. I want my nutritional and physical therapy programs to create a lifelong healthy habitual change, not a  temporary result.

green markRealistic – It’s not realistic to lose 20 lbs in 5 days, yet these are the kind of ridiculous programs appealing to the general public. Everyone deserves to understand the safe amount of weight that they can lose per week and for how long.

green markAdhering – You’ll hear me say this once and you’ll hear me say it again. People need programs that they can adhere to! Programs are failing millions of people out there and it makes the client feel even worse than when they first started because they failed to accomplish a program. This creates feelings of remorse and moves in the wrong direction.

green markUndulating – This simply means that we need to implement a program that changes frequently and is cyclic in nature. In other words, doesn’t it make sense to alter your workout program more often so that you break through stagnant plateaus? Absolutely. Same holds true with your Nutritional Program.

green markLife Changing – Maybe the most favorite of them all. Life Changing! I want my clients to develop life long, habitual changes for the better. I believe I’ve done just that with my 20 week Nutritional Programs, plenty long enough to develop a lifestyle change.

In addition…

My programs are designed to specifically help you and your current body weight naturally and safely reach your goal weight in a realistic amount of time. Meanwhile you will develop the adherence and sustainability of a Nutritional Program that you never thought was possible!

The key to my customized nutrition programs are the cyclic, undulating nature of the programs that are built in that  help provide psychological freedom, sustainability, and to make it feel like you’re not even dieting at all!

Seen here is a client’s sample total of their weekly caloric intake with The Periodized Incinerator Nutritional Program.


Here is a sample of a traditional, “diet” model where your calories are kept consistently low throughout the entire cycle.

Sample boring Calories

Even if you’re really dedicated, this type of physical therapy model simply isn’t realistic nor even healthy. You may do your very best, even if you’re incredibly motivated, however still only end up making it 10 weeks or so.

You see, a lot of people can suffer and go low with caloric intake for up to a month, but what about keeping it off and developing a lifelong healthy model of living? The obvious answer is with Dr. Kuntz’s Customized Nutritional Programs.

Whether you want to lose that stubborn, unwanted fat or develop lean muscle for general health, sports performance, or even competitive fitness shows, you have two amazing options specific to your liking.

Dr. Kuntz’s Nutritional Guide Titled ” The Periodized Incinerator”


Who Is This Program For?

Anyone who is looking to lose that stubborn fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and feel better in your own, healthier skin.

How Long Is It?

A whopping 5 months! This allows the sufficient amount of time needed to appropriately implement all 5 of the programs within it, not to mention allowing the time needed to develop a habitual lifestyle change of eating.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on any one of these three buttons to help you learn more! My personal suggestion would be the Discovery Visit form where you can fill out some general information for me and we can schedule a free physical therapy session. The sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This allows me to get a chance to know you and further assist you!

Dr. Kuntz’s Nutritional Guide Titled ” The Periodized Performance Plan”

Main Photo

Who Is This Program For?

Anyone who is looking to build lean muscle, keep the fat away, and improve your performance, whether it be weight lifting, in a recreational sport, or for your general health.

How Long Is It?

A whopping 5 months! This allows the sufficient amount of time needed to appropriately implement all 5 of the programs within it, not to mention allowing the time needed to develop a habitual lifestyle change of eating.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on any one of these three buttons to help you learn more! My personal suggestion would be the Discovery Visit form where you can fill out some general information for me and we can schedule a free session. The sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This allows me to get a chance to know you and further assist you!


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“I’d love to show you how I can help you reach your goal weight with the help of these physical therapy programs! These programs are based upon foundational research and physiological principles and are the best out there! I promise you that.”

“Sign Up for a Discovery Visit and Lets Get Started!”

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  • Testimonial 1
    I went to Chad because of shoulder pain from a hockey injury, as well as the shoulder was severely internally rotated due to have a desk job for so many years. Chad was very thorough in finding exactly where the injury/ week point was. It took him just 3 visits to basically have the shoulder almost back to 100%. He was very hands on, he went over a variety of exercises I could do on my one in order to continue my rehab when I wasn’t with him and he was great about getting right back to me if I text him a video or question. I cannot recommend him enough if you have pain or an injury. His knowledge and experience are second to none and even though for the most part my shoulder is back in the right path, I plan on continuing to see him at least once a month, because his sessions are second to none!
    Ryan P
  • Toni Skains
    Chad is helping me after total knee replacement 7 months ago. For 5 weeks following the surgery, I did the traditional therapy and my knee responded well. Because I will be traveling this summer to Macchu Pichu,  I wanted to improve my flexibility and endurance and Chad has delivered. Using both deep tissue massage and targeted exercises for my hips and knees has greatly improved my strength and stamina.  I highly recommend Chad!
    Toni Skains
  • Jessica Brasington
    I came to see Chad for post op frozen shoulder. I had been through 2 months of standard PT - with moderate results and pain with difficulty in sleeping through the night. I walked in the door with pain written on my face. I choose Pr1me Movement as the result of a referral from a former PR who was moving from the area. I was told Chad had unconventional methods, but that "they worked." On the FIRST visit, the pain on my face was removed. I felt like a different person. All in all, at the end of one month, I was able to return to a state of 90% and while based on the procedure I had, it will be a while before I am 100%, I am at a comfortable state of living. If ANYONE needs any sort of help which requires PT of any sort - see Chad! I highly recommend him! He is totally amazing!
    Jessica Brasington
  • Justin McNinch
    I met Chad through a co-worker who greatly benefited from Chad's knowledge and experience. After several months of saying I would do it tomorrow or next week, I decided to give Chad a call and meet with him. When I met Chad at the beginning of February, I weighed in at 214 lbs and was at 30% body fat, hadn't seen a gym in 10 years and looked terrible. In addition, I was experiencing a lot of neck pain. For a guy that's only 5'9" tall, that's a lot of weight.....   After meeting with Chad, he developed a weight training program intended to work all muscle groups without causing further irritation to my deck. I met weekly with Chad for several months where cupping was used to reduce inflammation in my neck and stretching exercises were also provided.   Since the beginning of February, I have followed Chad's regiment and we are currently in the middle of another program that is suppose to help me reach my goals. As of July 10th, I have dropped my weight to 183 lbs, my body fat when last updated over a month ago had dropped to 20% and I although I have some pain in my neck, I do not experience the chronic pain as before. The goal going forward is to reduce my body fat to between 14-17%.   I strongly suggest if you are experiencing physical health related issues, looking to lose weight, need help with nutrition, then Chad is your guy. He can accommodate all schedules. He's very personable and wants to see his patients achieve their goals.   Give Chad a call, text or email.   I recently started a new program with Chad and very challenging but worth every bit of the time and effort.
    Justin McNinch
  • John D
    Chad is fantastic. I have worked with him for several months as has my son. As for me, I started seeing Chad for injuries including tennis elbow, back pain, and a hip injury. Through a series of weekly (more or less) Pt sessions, and a thoughtful at home stretching regiment and useful dialogue, I have been injury free for a few months or so. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a life change this is for me. As for my son, he has cinder Larson Johnson syndrome, to a very heavy degree. He went from playing tennis 5-6 times a week to a full break. This was against my wife's wishes until she started seeing the progress he was making following Chad's advice. While he is not able to resume tennis yet, he is finally able to participate in life's regular activities... Walking, biking, swimming and with only an awareness for pain. this break through was achieved by regular weekly pt sessions with Chad, an evolving at home stretching and/or workout routine at home and overall cameraderie in finding a solution between Chad and my son. He works hard and enjoys working with Chad, both. Chad has been motivational and invested in getting us to well again.. We attribute our progress and results to him. We wouldn't be doing it or meeting our goals so quickly without the guidance and support of Chad. I can't recommend him enough.
    John D
  • Ben Silvertooth
    I saw Chad in 2015 with a bad tear in my shoulder. I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to regain full function of the shoulder and would be kept from doing the activities that I love. Among these are swimming, yoga, and Olympic Weightlifting.   Not only did I heal to regain full functionality, but Chad has taught me and enabled me to make myself stronger and more resilient than ever before. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Chad. I fully endorse him to anyone in need of a PT.
    Ben Silvertooth
  • Chris R
    I met Chad a few months ago in the gym. He struck up a conversation with me and in parting let me know if I thought I could get better results from my workouts he would be happy to sit down with me and put together a workout routine. I took him up on it and decided to try his 10 week program. We set a modest goal of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Seeing as I had already dropped 25 pounds on my own, and starting the program just before 2 of the biggest binge eating holidays of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) I felt it was a good target. Throughout the 10 weeks Chad would routinely check in with me to see how I was doing. If he saw me in the gym he would stop by to check in on my progress and offer encouragement where he could. I can't speak enough as to the level of professionalism Chad displayed. He took time to go over each exercise with me before hand, placing a high value on correct form and making sure I understood how to do it correctly. He took time to answer any questions I had on nutrition, proper caloric intake, and body awareness. After week 3 following his workouts I had already reached the 10 lbs goal we had set. At the end of the 10 weeks I lost 21 lbs, 4 inches on my waist, and increased the volume of weight I was lifting across the board. I can't remember what Chad and I discussed that first day we met but I am forever grateful he stopped by and offered his services. I look forward to starting the next 10 week program he has, and continuing my fitness improvements.
    Chris R
  • Ryan Williams
    Chad is really good at what he does. He is flexible and creative in his approach. As someone who has been in and out of physical therapy for the same issue for the past 9 years, Chad has been the one to push me through the pain barrier. Never have I been to a PT who caters your program around what you want to do and what you feel is effective. Most PTs provide you with exercises and do minimal manual therapy. Chad is responsive to what I request and has unique methods for manual therapy that have been especially helpful. Can't recommend this guy enough. Also just a super nice guy and enjoyable to be around.
    Ryan Williams
  • Rhya Pachin
    In one visit, Chad helped me correct some old training habits that were contributing to pain and inhibiting my outcomes. Over the course of a few months, I'm stronger and in less pain than ever. I can run, which I hadn't been able to do for months due to neck and shoulder pain. I've been to PT several times for sports injuries over the years, and no one has ever come close to providing the level of service and expertise that Chad provides. Highly recommend!
    Rhya Pachin
  •  Mark Capecci
    I decided to go to Chad after he helped my Mom after her rotator cuff surgery. I play golf almost every day and I was beginning to have trouble with my elbow. I was, also, still having trouble with my wrist that I had broken several years ago. Chad helped my elbow in only 1 visit and I have not had a problem since. We then worked on my wrist which helped my golf game and improved my movement in my wrist. I would recommend Chad for anyone who needs help with a pain or recovery.
    Mark Capecci
  • Michael Keadle
    I have been working out a while for overall health benefits and to hopefully benefit my golf game. I had the opportunity to go through the TPI Assessment with Dr. Chad Kuntz. From the assessment I learned specific areas of flexibility, stability and balance that I needed to focus on in my workouts to be able to swing a golf club more efficiently. A video of my swing during the assessment showed some flaws and positions that could be improved. At the conclusion of the assessment Dr. Kuntz provided me with specific exercises to target my weak areas of flexibility, stability and balance. I also sought swing instruction from a PGA Teaching Pro. The exercises from Dr. Kuntz combined with the teaching instruction have improved my golf swing in a rather short amount of time. I am finding it easier to swing and achieve the proper positions with the increased flexibility and stability.
    Michael Keadle
  • Trent Womble
    Recently my family and I have been training to prepare for a half marathon over Labor Day weekend. I'm a few months into my program, and to say that I’m pleased with my training at this point is an understatement.   Those who have trained with me recently know that I’ve battled frustrating knee pain and setbacks over the last few years. But this time around is different, in large part because of the help I’ve been getting from my PT, Chad Kuntz.   In just a few appointments with Chad, I’ve been able to implement some stretches and exercises into my workouts that have made a big difference. This morning I ran 7 miles at a 8:14 pace, which isn’t amazing (first two miles were pushing a stroller), but what IS amazing for me personally is that I’ve had zero knee pain or setbacks forcing me to back off my training thus far.   The race is still a month out so I’m not celebrating yet, but I couldn’t feel much better at this point leading into the home stretch. If you think you’d benefit from physical therapy and especially if you’re a recreational athlete/have a background in athletics, I couldn’t more highly recommend Dr. Kuntz.  He wants to work with people who are motivated to get better, and will absolutely push you to reach your potential. He'll even do an initial 60-minute consult at no charge. With all sincerity, thanks Chad because your knowledge has been a game changer for me!
    Trent Womble
  • Amy Dzura
    I came to Chad for help with recurring knee pain and I'm so glad I did! I had a few appointments with him and he got me back to running with no pain faster than I could have expected. I would recommend Pr1me Movement to anyone, his knowledge and style of treatment is great!
    Amy Dzura
  • Testimonial 2
    I cannot recommend Chad enough. I was a couple weeks away from getting shoulder surgery scheduled when I decided I would try PT one more time. After 10 years of shoulder pain from volleyball, I was able to go back to hitting pain free within 9 months of hard work with Chad. He was there every step of the way when I mentally doubted my progress. He catered my workouts that mechanically mimicked the tasks I do as a volleyball coach. And when I was having bad flashbacks of old PT exercises, he saw my panic and immediately moved onto something else. It was completely different than any other PT I had done in the past. You would be foolish not to go with Chad.
    Sara Lippitt
  • Sonja E.
    I had ACL surgery and only completed a couple months of PT before moving to NC. I had to find a new Physical Therapist and feel fortunate to have found Chad. He was patient and listened to my concerns. My goal is to get back on the basketball court and I feel confident that Chad will get me there!
    Sonja E.
  • Testimonial 3
    I first met Dr. Kuntz at a continuing education seminar and was instantly drawn to his approachable, erudite, and disarming demeanor.  I decided to book a visit with him as I was having some shoulder issues and wanted to take advantage of the free consultation and his expertise.  The consultation and my subsequent therapy appointments (3) were exactly what anyone would hope for when seeking health assistance within the medical community.  I was never rushed and everything was thoroughly explained.  Its like the old saying "people don't care what you know until they know that you care."  This quote defines the experience I had.  I have referred several of my personal training clients to Dr. Kuntz with great success.  He is also incredible accessible and his follow-up is inimitable. Not only that but he checks in on me periodically to see how I am doing.  He truly makes an investment in his patients. He is eagerly aggressive to address your issues and get you back to your activities.  If you are an active person or athlete and you want some one that will address your concerns and explain what the issues are and truly cares about seeing your rehabilitation experience through to success then look no further than Dr. Kuntz.
    Brian Manion

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