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Google reviews

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​Neck Pain Video Testimonial

Nicole: “It was probably a good year before I considered seeing a physical therapist, after I had my cortisone shot in my neck. So, I got my cortisone shot January of 2018. Started seeing a chiropractor for that year, wasn’t seeing the results, and it wasn’t until a friend referred me to Pr1me Movement. Now, 100% full recovery, full range of motion in my neck, more strength in my tricep, strength in…no more tingling sensation in my fingers, no more stiffness in my shoulders. Just, I’m cured. I’m cured.”

Knee Pain Video Testimonial

Logan: “I was frustrated having tried several rounds of physical therapists and chiropractic services elsewhere. I realized that my knee was worse off than I thought. My knee was bothering me everyday, especially when I was trying to work out. I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. Dr. Kuntz listened to me, understood my problem, and provided a very specific solution to my very specific problem. I can’t thank them enough.”

​Low Back Pain Video Testimonial

Greg: “Usually the back pain corrects itself within 2-3 weeks. I tried letting it just heal on its own but after a month I realized that this time it was going to stick around. My chiropractic treatments weren’t helping my low back pain and the corticosteroid shot did NOT provide long term relief. I’m now fully recovered and can do anything I want! That is so satisfying after being unable to even get out of bed or walk, let alone golf the way I want. “

Knee and Shoulder Pain Video Testimonial

Brad: “I was struggling to do everyday activities, like sitting, driving, or even going up stairs. In fact, I was having so much pain driving home that I’d have to stop on the way home everyday just to stretch out my knee because I was in so much pain. Fast forward to today and I’m not limited at doing anything at all. I love being active, working out and thanks to Pr1me Movement, I’m much stronger and feeling better than ever!”​

Google reviews

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