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How Do The Pr1me Workout Programs Work?

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3-Step Process

How Does This 3-Step Process Work?

45 Minute Functional Examination

It's incredibly important to us to understand what you are interested in accomplishing with the help of our 10 week workout programs. Whether it be to lose weight, bulletproof your body, or to just build more confidence in your body and movement. We will also use this time to assess your current level of function and which exercises you are or aren't ready for.

120 Minute Workout Review

After we've created a workout program for you, what will be incredibly important is that we ensure the level of exercises are right for you. We will be pretty close since we had spent time reviewing your level of function already, but we will need to double check and modify / regress the exercises just to be sure. In addition, we heavily believe that form and technique is VITAL. For that reason, we will record your form and provide comment and feedback on each and every exercise.

Independent Workout

Once we review the exercises, you will then be on your own to perform the exercises throughout the rest of the recommended 10 week workout program! It's that easy.

Look At How Our Pr1me Workout Programs Changed Their Lives!

chris customized workout program charlotte

I met Chad a few months ago in the gym. He struck up a conversation with me and in parting let me know if I thought I could get better results from my workouts he would be happy to sit down with me and put together a workout routine. I took him up on it and decided to try his 10 week program. We set a modest goal of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Seeing as I had already dropped 25 pounds on my own, and starting the program just before 2 of the biggest binge eating holidays of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) I felt it was a good target.

Throughout the 10 weeks Chad would routinely check in with me to see how I was doing. If he saw me in the gym he would stop by to check in on my progress and offer encouragement where he could. I can't speak enough as to the level of professionalism Chad displayed. He took time to go over each exercise with me before hand, placing a high value on correct form and making sure I understood how to do it correctly. He took time to answer any questions I had on nutrition, proper caloric intake, and body awareness. After week 3 following his workouts I had already reached the 10 lbs goal we had set. At the end of the 10 weeks I lost 21 lbs, 4 inches on my waist, and increased the volume of weight I was lifting across the board. I can't remember what Chad and I discussed that first day we met but I am forever grateful he stopped by and offered his services. I look forward to starting the next 10 week program he has, and continuing my fitness improvements.

Chris R.

customized workout progarm charlotte

​I met Chad through a co-worker who greatly benefited from Chad's knowledge and experience. After several months of saying I would do it tomorrow or next week, I decided to give Chad a call and meet with him. When I met Chad at the beginning of February, I weighed in at 214 lbs and was at 30% body fat, hadn't seen a gym in 10 years and looked terrible. In addition, I was experiencing a lot of neck pain. For a guy that's only 5'9" tall, that's a lot of weight.....

After meeting with Chad, he developed a weight training program intended to work all muscle groups without causing further irritation to my deck. I met weekly with Chad for several months where cupping was used to reduce inflammation in my neck and stretching exercises were also provided.

Since the beginning of February, I have followed Chad's regiment and we are currently in the middle of another program that is suppose to help me reach my goals. As of July 10th, I have dropped my weight to 183 lbs, my body fat when last updated over a month ago had dropped to 20% and I although I have some pain in my neck, I do not experience the chronic pain as before. The goal going forward is to reduce my body fat to between 14-17%.

Justin M.