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We take a look at the ENTIRE set of dynamic and complicated movements

Tennis is a complicated sport when it comes to the dynamic movements that are required to perform and play it successfully. You see, in most traditional healthcare settings, the practitioners are ‘laser focused’ on just where the pain hurts.

For example, tennis elbow is quite common for avid tennis players. That being said, most providers ONLY look to treat the elbow. They may perform some form of massage, try some ice or laser therapy on it, dry needling and provide some basic strengthening exercises. Since you rested and took it easy, you feel better within two weeks.

.. But… what happens when you return back to playing hard and competitively again? Exactly, the pain comes back. You start to wonder if you can ever play again, or if you’ll more serious action like an X-ray, an MRI or even surgery since you are really concerned that something ‘really wrong’ is in there.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to go down that road.

What separates us is that we take a look at the ENTIRE set of dynamic and complicated movements that go into tennis and we watch how you specifically perform these movements. In fact, we find it pivotal to have your friend or family member / tennis player record you playing. We will play the video here on our big screen t.v. and show you how we think you may be moving incorrectly which is causing the pain.

Let’s take the case that you have right sided tennis elbow and you are a tennis player. Well, lets also say that you had a couple of old injuries in your left knee and hip from high school, and were involved in a car crash a few years back and therefore have a bad back at times too.

Most providers will ignore this pertinent and vital information and just treat the right tennis elbow, missing out on the fact that when you plant your left leg to swing with a forehand, you don’t truly trust your left knee, hip or back, and consequently force your right elbow to do most of the work ( when in reality, it’s only intended to do a little work at the very end).

This is just one classic example showing you that the body is complicated and that ALL parts need to be accounted for, screened, and thoroughly assessed in order to help you get back to 100% again and playing tennis again competitively (without worrying that your pain will come back).

Let Us Help You Get Back To Playing Tennis Pain Free!

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