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These 2 Case Studies Show Exactly How We We've Helped Previous Runners

Case Study

How We've Helped Previous Runners

“I can’t recommend Chad and Pr1me Movement enough! I came after several years of putting bandaids on issues and struggling with some nagging pains with my running that other people couldn’t solve. He worked diligently and patiently with me to identify and problem solve the issues hurting my running and created a plan incorporating strength work and hands on soft tissue work to strengthen the weak spots. He will take the time with you in the office and out of it. You don’t have to give up your sport, go see Dr Kuntz and get back to what you love to do!”

​~ Bethany S.

Case Study

How We've Helped Previous Runners

“I’ve been struggling with knee pain after running for over a year, while training to run marathons. I had been to see a couple other physical therapists but weren’t effective at all.
I tried fixing it myself, but as my training intensified it was getting worse and was affecting how much and how hard I could train.
After searching online for someone who could help, I came across Chad and it seemed he followed a different strategy to other therapists.

After seeing Chad for a month now, I’m able to train without pain and recovery is much quicker. We still have work to do to address my imbalance, and Chad has developed a strategy and goal to get us there.

The big difference with Chad’s approach is the time he takes to fully understand the root problem, and develop a strategy to address the root problem, instead of the resulting injury. We have specific goals we want to reach that are meaningful for me, and he measure progress against those goals, keeping me and him accountable.”

​~ Michael C.

We Had So Much Fun and Were So Proud Of Michael That We Made This Video For Him After He Broke His PR - Marathon!

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