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Injuries In Volleyball

Dr. Chad Kuntz joins the show to talk about ankle, knees and hip injuries in volleyball!

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We help young athletes recover as quickly as possible

It seems as though almost every successful athlete has had that moment… “oh no, I can’t be hurt… this can’t be happening… not to me!?!”

The realization sinking in that they will be out at the very minimum a few games, If not for ½ the season or more. Then, they quickly realize, I need to get back to 100% ASAP!!

Sadly enough, this is where traditional healthcare is failing young high school athletes. Healthcare practitioners are trying to help young athletes get back to competing and performing at their highest level, however, are juggling multiple clients at once, and spending less hands-on time than ever before.  

You see what separates us from the rest is our in-depth understanding of not only common high school sport injuries, but also our unique and unorthodox approach to help young athletes recover as quickly as possible, so that they can enjoy being an athlete again.

It starts by understanding which sport and position you play and diving deep to look into the functional requirements of your sport specific movements. . .

For example, if you are the lead running back for your football team, you will require an extensively different set of exercises, stretches, and sport massage techniques than someone who, let’s say, is trying to get back to spike a volleyball for their team.

One of our secrets to helping young high school athletes get back to performing as quickly as possible is through our ability to help them function exceptionally well in their sport’s most specific movement, particularly a movement they had previously found difficult in the first place.

For example, let’s say a basketball player approaches us with a knee injury. It’s their left knee and they struggle cutting to their left. If this is our player’s limiting factor to returning, we will put all of our energy in helping this young athlete not only perform this move, but with confidence and better than ever.

Most traditional healthcare centers would give this athlete standard stretches, a few minutes of generalized massage, and then hope and pray that they don’t hurt themselves when they go back to 100%.

If you are a high school athlete who absolutely needs to get back to competing in your favorite high school sport, or are a caring mother or father who knows how much this would mean to your daughter or son, we want you to know that we truly understand and are here to help.

We will provide unparalleled 1-1 care, with a powerful combination of varying sport massage techniques, active recovery techniques, strength training and sport specific stretching to help you get back to competing, performing and enjoying every minute of it again!

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