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If you consider yourself a recreational golfer, a competitive golfer or even a occasional golfer who just enjoys playing from time to time and has been limited to some form of symptoms like pain achiness or discomfort, then this message is for you.

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Common Golf Injuries We Treat

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How Do We Do It?

We need to analyze your golf swing to determine where you are compensating or limited in your range of motion

Golf is a complicated sport when it comes to the dynamic movements that are required to perform and play it successfully. You see, in most traditional healthcare settings, the practitioners are ‘laser focused’ on ONLY where the pain hurts.

For example, golfer’s elbow is quite common for avid golfers. That being said, most providers ONLY look to treat the elbow. They may perform some form of massage, try some ice or laser therapy on it, dry needling and provide some basic strengthening exercises. Since you rested and took it easy, you feel better within two weeks.

.. But… what happens when you return back to the range to test it out again? Exactly, the pain comes back. You start to wonder if you’ve really done some damage to your elbow and if you’ll need to take more drastic action like get an X-ray, an MRI, or worse case, you’ll need surgery.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to go down that road.

We can help you save the time, money and stress from having to go down the typical healthcare route which prolongs recovery, never addresses the root cause of the problem, and leaves you frustrated and sidelined from one of the most beloved games on the planet.

What separates us is that we take the time to take a look at your full golf swing from many angles. We are T.P.I Specialists, having been specifically trained to have a keen eye on what to look for and what may be happening in your swing that is causing the pain.

In fact, we will record your swing and show you on our T.V. in slow motion where we think your swing has ‘gone wrong,’ yielding usually an excessive amount of stress to one body part.

In the example that it is your right elbow, perhaps you lack hip rotation or low back range of motion that is forcing an additional, unnecessary burden on your right elbow. The elbow is only meant to take so much force, and I’m sure you could understand that if other body parts aren’t supporting the swing, or are limited in motion, how the right elbow would suddenly be consistently overworked.

Most providers will ignore this pertinent and vital information and just treat the right golfer’s elbow, missing out on the fact that a golf swing takes a group effort from the entire body to create a pain free, perfect swing. One which is well balanced and calibrated for continued and sustainable success.

Let Us Help You Get Back To Playing 18 Holes Pain Free!

We understand that every golfer has a slightly different swing with potentially a different pain problem, so please book a complimentary discovery call so that we could learn what you’ve tried, what’s working and not working, and how we can help!

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