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How Do We Do It?

We work hard with our athletes who are recovering from an ACL injury or surgery to get all the details.

We know the story all too well…

“I was running and tried to stop and felt my knee just buckle and give out… I knew immediately something went wrong.”


“It happened so fast.. all I remember is hearing the ‘pop’ and falling to the ground. I feared that I just tore my ACL and I was right.”

These are traumatic moments in our athletic careers.

We’ve heard about this “ACL,” and maybe even know a friend or two who have torn it. but we never thought it would happen to us right?

The reality is that ACL injuries are a lot more common than we think, with over 100,000 ACL injuries in one year alone! What’s even scarier is that means that over 100,000 athletes need proper rehabilitation and recovery programs that are right for them…

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it first-hand that ACL recovering athletes are not getting the quality of care they deserve. This is leaving it up to chance that the athlete doesn’t re-tear their ACL and have to start the year-long recovery all over again.

When we work with our athletes who are recovering from an ACL injury or surgery, we work hard to get all of the details. Details, like the graft of the ACL, the way the injury occurred, and what sport you play are imperative to know.

Secondly, learning what position you play, how long you’ve played at that position, and your level of athleticism are also very vital factors that must go into the recipe of success.

Typically, when athletes have tried physical therapy or seen a chiropractor elsewhere, they tell us that they were doing exercises that were “too easy”, or that “weren’t helping”. We can guarantee you that we will push you to your limit and help you accomplish what is most important to you, WITHOUT risking any further damage and ensuring a complete recovery of your ACL.

We create a customized ACL program for each and everyone of our athletes, as no knee, surgery, or ACL graft are the same. . . not to mention every person has a different fear factor that we have to help them overcome.

Helping you overcome your fear to land, jump or sprint and cut on your ACL knee is often overlooked in the medical field. A doctor will say “well it’s been 16 weeks, you should be good to go”. Yet you’re thinking to yourself, there’s just no way I’m ready for that!

That’s because the toughest challenge for athletes is to regain CONFIDENCE in their knee that it can support them without tearing!

We take pride in not only helping your ACL and knee get back to 100%,
but that you truly feel it and confident with your knee!

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