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Have You Recently Undergone Surgery And Need To Get Back To 100% Right Away? 

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I’m Dr. Chad Kuntz, the professional & expert when it comes to sports and an injury recovery specialist.

If you have recently had surgery and need to return to recovery immediately, you’ve come to there right spot. 

Having surgery performed on you is a very stressful scenario, not to mention all of the doctor appointments, x-rays, and MRI’s that lead up to the surgery. 

You’ve finally had the surgery and need to heal right away. This surgery was supposed to be exactly what you needed as the doctor stated, yet you’re in pain and concerned that you need to recover ASAP. 

I use the “Eclectic Kuntz Approach,” to challenge and restore movement in all of my patients, athletes, and those recovering from surgery. It is a one of a kind treatment approach that takes into consideration your anatomy, your pain, and in this case what surgery had been performed. 

You see, part of why I have so much success when treating my post operative patients is because I like to read the surgical report itself to know exactly what was performed in that operating room.

As you probably know, each and every surgery is slightly a bit different based upon how much work they had to do in there. 

Therefore if you plan on working with me after your surgery, be prepared to ask your doctor or their staff members for the surgical report. I will gladly sit down with you and explain how the surgery went and what they did from a laymen’s point of view. 


You also deserve to know who I am and why you should listen to me…

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

I don’t like to talk about myself, however in this case, I think it’s a must so that you understand the level of care that you or your child would receive should you decide to allow me to help. 

I’m a doctor of Physical Therapy who was once an Athlete myself in high school in three different sports and has participated in three different bodybuilding shows. In addition, I’m well known as the go to Sports and Orthopedic Board Specialist in Charlotte as I’ve received both my Orthopedic and Sports Certifications through the APTA ( guesstimated < 1000 have both of these credentials in the USA).  

I’m also considered a Weight Training Specialist as I’ve developed customized workout programs for Athletes and Clients for years now.

But.. that’s enough about me..

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

I get it… you need someone who understands what is truly going on and not just going to put you through some exercises that don’t seem to make sense.  That’s what I went through when I eventually had a very young hip surgery and no one knew what was going on! 

This was so frustrating for me and held me back from working out and playing sports. I would give up anything at that point in time to return to who I wanted to be

That’s when I turned the corner to create what I now know as the “Eclectic Kuntz Approach.” This approach has been molded from extensive years of education, observing some of the world’s finest, and countless hours of personally trying new exercises based upon biomechanics and theoretical kinematic basis. 

What I’m so proud of is how fast I’ve been able to help my athletes, my patients and my post operative patients heal so fast with the help of this approach. That is what provides me the greatest joy in the world. 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… But Chad.. One Question..

Will It Work For Me?

That is a great question! My answer? If you’re suffering from a muscle pain, stiffness, or a surgical pain that impairs your ability to participate, I’m 99% sure my services are perfect for you. 

Does It Matter What Surgery I Had?

I confidently post operative patients from head to toe, including but not limited to;

  1. ACL Surgeries
  2. TKA
  3. THA
  4. Rotator Cuff Repairs
  5. Labral Repairs and much, much more….

When Can I Start Therapy After My Surgery?

Another great question with a simple answer… It depends.  You will need to ask your doctor as to when he or she thinks the best time would be to start! This is highly variable depending upon what surgery will be performed. 

I’m Not Happy With The Level Of Service I’m Receiving Somewhere Else, Is It Too Late To Come To See You?

A resounding absolutely not. I have seen patients who had a rotator cuff repair 4 months prior to seeing me and had already attempted physical therapy elsewhere the entire time. The patient was frustrated that the therapist had to see 2-5 other people at the same time they were being treated and didn’t feel like they received the level of attention they deserved.

When I finally saw this patient, I realized that the patient had not yet received the 1-1 attention that they required, including countless hands on procedures and manual therapy techniques to help break up their tight tissue and regain appropriate motion. 


If You’re Looking For… 

A miracle cure, I can’t help you or your athlete. Your body doesn’t heal overnight. Although post operative patients have had immediate or instant relief in a visit or two, the majority require a few weeks to start feeling the full effect of my treatment. 

Ready to Get Started??? 

All you have to do is click on any one of these three buttons, whichever one you feel you need answered the most, fill it out, and I’ll get in touch with you!

We’ll schedule a visit to talk and chat for free to make sure that I’m the absolutely perfect fit for you or your child… NO strings attached!

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

This Is The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For…

green markReturning To Who You Remember You Are–  After surgery and being in so much pain, sometimes we forget who we truly are amongst the process. Let me help you regain the function, movement and not to mention your positive attitude back. Being in pain and going through surgery can make us cranky!

green mark
Saving Money, Time, & Effort! – With my speedy and effective treatment, you will get better faster but also save money & effort because you won’t have to see Dr. Kuntz for as many visits.

green mark
Getting PEACE OF MIND – We have a lot of concerns after surgery.

“Did it go according to plan?”

               “Why am I feeling this pain, I didn’t have this before the surgery.”

               “I tripped and fell and not sure if I ruined the surgery.”   Come talk to me and I will answer all of these nerve racking questions and help put you at ease. 

green mark
REAP the Benefits of Becoming Stronger, Quicker and more Mobile Than Ever! I pride myself on not just trying to return you to who you were prior to the surgery, but better than you imagined! Enjoy making the comeback of a lifetime from in pain after surgery to becoming more physically fit than you’ve been in a long time.

green mark Enjoying Your Time With Your Family & Friends — Don’t allow the pain and surgical process interrupt the precious moments with your friends and family as you drown them with your concerns. Feel free interacting with your family and be functional with no pain so that you can travel and make trips to see the ones you love. 

green mark

Going To Bed At Night & Staying Asleep Without Waking Up Worrying If You Will Be Okay.– Life is too short to worry all the time. Nothing’s worse than staying up all night with anxiety wondering if you’ll ever make it through this surgical process.


Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

Remember, I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your first paid assessment. I’m that confident that you will see the value in my Service. ” Dr. KuntzProfessional pic white backgroundmoney back guarantee

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