Meet Our Pr1me Team

Meet Our Pr1me Team!


Dr. Kuntz is the founder and owner of Pr1me Movement. He is passionately striving to provide unmatched, premium care in the city of Charlotte. Dr. Kuntz grew up in a very small town in Michigan where he graduated with a small class of 72!

In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, playing guitar, working out, and spending time with his family. Feel free to read more about his style and technique here at his biography page.



Anthony is an exercise and sports enthusiast that enjoys all forms of physical activity. A high school soccer player who found an untapped passion for weightlifting, he is currently working towards a personal training certification with a further interest in recovery and rehabilitation.

A Charlotte native born and raised, his future goals are to specialize as a strength and conditioning coach with a concentration in massage therapy.

In his free time he enjoys training, hiking through Crowder’s mountain, snowboarding down the Appalachians, and reading.


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