Athletic Injury Risk Screening

The last thing any athlete wants is an injury. Injuries can leave you incredibly frustrated, jeopardize collegiate scholarships or simply decrease your quality of life. Not to mention if surgery is required, thousands of dollars are spent on healthcare with the surgery and excessive tathletic-pictureime spent on rehabilitation.

How is it that insurances still aren’t paying for Athletic Injury Risk Screenings? At Pr1me Movement, we simply don’t agree with that principle of thought. Personally, I would rather assess the athlete PRIOR to getting on the athletic event. In fact, dysfunctions can be sifted out quite easily with a thorough functional assessment, which is exactly what you’ll receive with the Athlete Injury Risk Screening.

Really despite any age, if you, a child or anyone who is looking to participate in a sport and would like to understand if they are at any risk, the Athlete Injury Risk Screening is a very valuable tool for you to take advantage of.

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