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Who is this For?

AIRA ( Athletic Injury Risk Assessments) are the perfect tool for Athletes entering their Season ( 6 weeks in advance suggested) or at the beginning of the Off-Season to determine what program the athlete needs to correct their imbalances.

Why Should I do This? 

The AIRA was developed for the purpose of discovering imbalances and weaknesses in the athlete’s movement in order to prescribe a specific and customized program for the athlete Prior TO them getting hurt. 

Which one do you FIT INTO??

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The last thing any athlete wants is an injury. Injuries can leave you incredibly frustrated, jeopardize collegiate scholarships or simply decrease your quality of life. Not to mention if surgery is required, thousands of dollars are spent on healthcare with the surgery and excessive time spent on rehabilitation ( Average ACL surgery costs around $47,000). Lets be Proactive instead of Reactive!

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