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Are You Struggling with Your Balance? Your Independence? Staying Healthy and Active?

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Are You Looking to Wean Off Of Some of Those Pills You Hate Taking All Of The Time??

A Personal message from Dr. Kuntz – Pineville, NC

Hi, I’m Dr. Chad Kuntz, the professional & expert when it comes to  helping someone return to a healthier lifestyle.  I help patients and clients return to a healthier lifestyle by offering a wide variety of services including premium 1-1 rehab, personal training, and writing customized strength and conditioning programs for patients. 

I utilize what’s known as the “Eclectic Kuntz Approach,” to challenge and restore movement in my patients, a style of treatment that has been developed and molded by myself over my years of experience and training. 

“Utilizing the Eclectic Kuntz Approach helps me find the root of the problem so we treat the cause, not the symptoms masking the root elsewhere.”

This approach has become particularly useful for those who have not attempted prior physical  therapy, chiropractic or rehabilitative services and has also shown stunning success when working with clients who have tried and been unsuccessful with prior attempts of physical therapy. 

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

You also deserve to know who I am and why you should listen to me…

I don’t like to talk about myself, however in this case, I think it’s a must so that you understand the level of care that you would receive when working with me.  

I’m a doctor of Physical Therapy and am well known as the go to Sports and Orthopedic Board Specialist in Charlotte as I’ve received both my Orthopedic and Sports Certifications through the APTA ( guesstimated < 1000 have both of these credentials in the USA).  

I’m also considered a Weight Training Specialist as I’ve developed customized workout programs for Athletes and Clients for years now.

But.. that’s enough about me..

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

I get it… you need someone who understands what is truly going on and not just going to put you through some exercises that don’t seem to make sense.  That’s what I went through when I eventually had a very young hip surgery and no one knew what was going on! 

This was so frustrating for me and held me back from working out and playing sports. I would give up anything at that point in time to return to who I wanted to be

In fact, because I was so upset at the quality of care I received, that’s when I developed my personalized, renowned known as the “Eclectic Kuntz Approach.” This approach has been molded from extensive years of education, observing some of the world’s finest, and countless hours of personally trying new exercises based upon biomechanics and theoretical kinematic basis. 

What I’m so proud of is how fast I’ve been able to help my patient’s recover and return to doing what they love, no matter what their age is! That is what provides me the greatest joy in the world. 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… But Chad.. one question..

Will It Work For Me?

That is a great question! My answer? If you’re suffering from a muscle pain, stiffness, or a joint pain that impairs your ability to move, walk, sit, stand or even roll over in bed, I’m 99% sure my services are perfect for you. 

In my experience, no matter whether you’ve “tried” physical therapy before, 2, 3 or even 5 times, I’ve helped around 90% of my patients. The other 10% usually have something more serious in pathology going on. 

For instance,

One patient ended up having a cyst in the middle of her lumbar spine and that had to be removed. When I say serious, I DO NOT MEAN any type of disk bulge, any type of pars defect ( spondyloesthesis), bursitis, impingement, labral tear, etc. These are all very common for me to treat and to help with. 

If You’re Looking For… 

A miracle cure, I can’t help you or your athlete. Your body doesn’t heal overnight. Although some athletes can have immediate or instant relief in a visit or two, the majority require a few weeks to start feeling the full effect of my treatment. 

I’d say most my patients are feeling at least 50% better in 3-8 visits… much less than the common Physical Therapy location…

Ready to Get Started??? 

All you have to do is click on any one of these three buttons, whichever one you feel you need answered the most, fill it out, and I’ll get in touch with you!

We’ll schedule a visit to talk and chat for free to make sure that I’m the absolutely perfect fit for you… NO strings attached!

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

This Is The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For…

green markEnjoying The Active Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted and Worked So Hard For…. – You’ve probably worked your entire life. The time is now YOURS. You should be having the time of your life rather than being injured or pain that doesn’t allow you to enjoy retirement.

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Saving Money, Time, & Effort!  With my speedy and effective treatment, you will get better faster but also save money & effort because you won’t have to see Dr. Kuntz for as many visits.

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Reducing Your Risks Of Waking Up In A Nursing Home Or Wheelchair– I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that said… “I don’t want to end up i a wheelchair like my mom or dad.” I get it! I don’t want that for you either. Barring any progressive neurological disease, there’s no reason you have to! With my treatments you don’t have to worry about becoming worse off and disabled. 

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Getting PEACE OF MIND Knowing You Are Going To Not Be Reliant On Your Kids Or Spouse… – You are a strong individual. The last thing you want to have happen is your child or spouse having to help you. They have a life of their own and you don’t want be a burden on them. Not to mention this can be very challenging on a relationship. Let me help you stay independence or once again achieve your independence

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Feeling The Benefits Of Being More Mobile & Stronger Than You Ever Imagined So Much So Your Spouse Would Swear You’re In Your 30’s…. Again – Granted I can’t turn back the clock, but I can improve your strength, mobility, balance and make you feel much looser and younger. I love seeing my patients joyously move once again. 

green mark Reducing Chances For Surgery -Most surgeons don’t like it when I get patients better. They like to cut in the majority of cases. When you come in…. we’ll try to do just that. In addition, I’ve saved some of my patient’s thousands of dollars as they avoided or completely put off their planned surgery! Isn’t that worth it?

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Going To Bed At Night & Staying Asleep Without Waking Up Worrying If You Will Be OK – Life is too short to worry all the time. Nothing’s worse than staying up all night with anxiety wondering if you’ll ever be able to play again.

green markEnjoying Your & Retirement Without Feeling Boggy Or Tired And Reliant to Painkillers -No one wants to feel lethargic and tired all day. You live in North Carolina which has mild winters and allows for a healthy activity level pretty much throughout the entire year!  Enjoy retirement and be active.  Avoid becoming addicted to painkillers through my service and expertise.

Free Discovery Visit Free Telephone Call Pricing / Availability

In Network with Medicare! 







Remember, for those of who you are not in network with Medicare, I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your first paid assessment. I’m that confident that you will see the value in my Service. ” Dr. KuntzProfessional pic white backgroundmoney back guarantee


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