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Dr. Chad Kuntz

Chad R Kuntz, DPT, PT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, TPI-1, CISSN: Dr. Kuntz is considered Charlotte’s # 1 Sports Doctor and Weight Training Specialist and for good reasons. He has continued to demonstrate his proficiency while helping top level athletes, excelling golfers and countless middle aged clients not only return to their prior level of function, but in surpassing anything they thought was possible. 

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After dedicating years of intensive studying, mentorship and observing some of the most accomplished physical therapists to date during his rigorous Orthopedic Residency, he has personally developed a style of treating his patient’s that he refers to as the “Eclectic Kuntz Approach.” This established style of treatment has been largely successful with his patients as it targets the patient’s primary impairment and area of dysfunction, looking to solve the root of the problems and not just the symptoms. This treatment style is performed by Dr. Kuntz and no one else!

Current Certifications Dr. Kuntz holds.

OCS – Nationally known as a Specialist in Orthopedics

SCS – Nationally known as a Specialist in Sports

CSCS – A Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

CISSN – Certified Sports Nutrionist recognized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition

TPI-1 – A Level I Titleist Performance Institute Personal Trainer

Current Research Dr. Kuntz has participated in.

Thesis Title: Is There an Acute Loss of Shoulder Mobility Following Eccentric Resistance Training (2013)

Thesis Title:  Augmenting the Bench Press with Elastic Resistance: Scientific and Practical Application (2014) — Published in Yahoo Health

Thesis Title: Eccentric Interventions for Lateral Epicondylalgia (2015)

Thesis Title: Consistency between Face-to-Face Evaluation Compared to Telerehabilitation in Determining a Treatment-Based Classification (2016) —Pending Publication

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