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The healthcare system is lagging. It takes forever even once a diagnosis is present before radiographs, MRI’s can occur, leaving the patient frustrated and upset. This is a tertiary prevention system, meaning it’s simply too late. Pr1me Movement is desperately pushing for primary prevention where your movement and function will be assessed BEFORE pain sets in. Think of this analogy as an example of the person who does not seek an annual movement assessment. Lets say you feel like you are doing correct exercises, eating healthy, and on the right track. You repeat this particular regimen for 5 years and all of a sudden you have a pain somewhere and don’t know why. At some point, similar to walking in a desert with no points of reference, we think we are

walking in circles walking straight and on the right path. However, in the case of the analogy, you start wandering slowly and slowly to the right, eventually leading you in the wrong direction. This isn’t too far off from what happens with our bodies. We “think” we are walking straight, but in reality we’ve ended up way to the right of our target which results in a tissue threshold and pain as our reminder of our error.

Secondly, would you go to the dentist to check on your teeth and gum health once a year?dental-health.jpgDo you go see your physician to check on your blood pressure, heart health and medications? Absolutely. How is it that we’re not doing the same for Physical Therapy? Case in point, that’s what Annual Movement Assessments are for. 


Believe me, the pricing of healthcare is much more expensive if you attempt to take care of your body before it is too late. The cliche saying of “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure,” isn’t wide known without a reason, it’s because it is true! I heavily encourage  you to take advantage of this wonderful screening to keep you on the right track, rather than waiting until you are derailed and caught in the web of healthcare.

What does the Annual Movement Assessment Include:

  1. Assessing your range of motion  from head to toe!
  2. Assessing your strength
  3. Assessing your foundational, functional movements including but not limited to: 
    1. Squats – double legged and single legged
    2. Balance – static and dynamic 
    3. Lunges 
    4. Or any movements related to your favorite activities!

Please feel free to contact Pr1me Movement via the contact form below to schedule a time.

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