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Looking for a Physical Therapist Job Near You Who Works with Athletes?

My name is Dr. Chad Kuntz

I am the CEO of Pr1me Movement

I tend to be self-motivated, innovative, and look to continue to drive a significant positive change in our physical therapy industry.

BENEFITS: While we eventually look to grow into a position to be able to offer 401k’s, health insurance etc., we currently do not offer that. Please do NOT apply if you are ONLY looking for benefits.

  • Providing top-notch hands on care / manual therapy
  • Establishing yourself as one of the standout orthopedic and sports physical therapists in the Charlotte region
  • Building relationships with the community members
  • Performing workshops to provide education and to build trust in the Charlotte region
  • Performing physical therapy care
  • Doctorate’s degree in Physical Therapy with preferably credentials as an OCS, SCS, CSCS as well (with a residency background).
  • Expert level hands on care ; dry needling, cupping, manipulation, etc.
  • Expert as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • A personal love of staying active, being fit, and working out.
  • Minimum of five years experience
  • Curious and comfortable with ambiguity, can shift gears without angst, decide and act without having to have the total picture
  • Ability to work comfortably with all levels of leadership
  • Customer focus – Ability to embrace our core values by anticipating and exceeding the needs of all customers served both external and internal
  • A leader by example for collaboration; will be the standard bearer for working effectively and peacefully across functional groups.
  • Highly discreet and able to maintain confidentiality
  • Sense of humor required!

Clearly Defined Expectations

  • If you are not sure if something would fall into your area of responsibility that you assume that it does until you present it and we can review it and make a decision.
  • That when your performance is going off course, We want to hear about it from you ASAP, preferably accompanied by the action steps you plan to take to get it on course.
  • That you will ask for help where you think you might need it. We’d rather have you err on the side of asking for too much help than not enough.
  • That you actively embrace, support and teach the Pr1me Movement Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • A clear vision of the future of Pr1me Movement and participation in developing your area, including providing you with the tools and resources you need.
  • Clear performance expectations.
  • Recognition for work well done.
  • Rewards for results, as agreed upon thru base pay, bonuses, etc.
  • A willingness to share insights, experiences, sources of information, etc. I will often do so without being asked. This may cause some concern or irritation on your part, let me know if it gets to be too much, but also don’t hesitate to ask for more.
  • Lots of ideas, information, opinions, etc. They are not directives-push me to clarify expectations if I start mixing up ideas and opinions with specific requests for action.
  • There will occasionally, what may seem like long periods of silence, times where we won’t be able to sit down and review things as often as we might like. Do not mistake this silence for apathy or misinterpret it as me not caring about you or being angry with you. I am just busy and slightly distracted, but I still care about you and your area.

The Purpose of Pr1me Movement is to lead, develop and pioneer the revolutionary model for providing premium rehabilitative and therapeutic care.
Our Vision is to become known as the unparalleled providers for premium physical therapy and strength and conditioning based care.

Our Core Values…

  • Courage: We here at Pr1me Movement show the mental and moral strength to persevere throughout the difficult times in Healthcare, and to withstand its troubling dysfunction in order to resiliently provide untouchable care.
  • Innovation: We are innovators of premium rehabilitation and therapeutic care by continuing to challenge the edges of normalcy so that we may integrate newfound ways of guiding our clients to their desired quality of life.
  • Tribe: As we pioneer, travel, and pursue perfection in the world of healthcare, we grow stronger in our quest with unrelenting momentum. We continue to build a close-knit community along the way, building personal and professional relationships with our clients, other healthcare practitioners, and those in a similar pursuit in vision.

My Story

from the desk of Dr. Chad Kuntz

I decided to go into business because I was tired of being treated like a number ( employee # 1234). Here I had all of these credentials and amazing, hard work underneath my belt along with raving reviews, and it didn’t mean ANYTHING. Truth is, most corporate care places don’t even care about how you treat or the quality of care you provide.

They just care about the # of units you bill and how much money you brought in FOR THEM.

I had it. I was fed up. I was determined to find my own path where I could provide ONLY the best care possible without being constantly restricted, handcuffed, and wrapped in yellow tape.

I’ve spent my entire life dedicated to providing ONLY the best care possible, and you better believe I was going to find a way to actually provide it, instead of becoming a professional “pointer,” to my clients as I yell across the room ( 3 sets of 10″)


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