Strength and Conditioning Programs

Strength and Conditioning Programs


Tired of Doing the Same Old Workouts? Confused As To What The Best Workout Is For Your Goals?

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You’ve come to the right spot! There ironically seems to be more information out in cyberspace than ever, yet it has never been more confusing as to what you need to do in order to accomplish your weight goal or weight lifting goals.

For instance, perhaps you have been doing the same workout for 2 years now and realize you are stuck in a rut. You go onto Youtube and google exercises, but you really aren’t sure if they will work for you or even how to do them.

You then try working out with a friend for a while… butttt suddenly that fizzles out as either you or him didn’t pick up the phone one day so you both don’t end up working that day.

One thing leads to another and you’re back to square one, not working out or doing the same exercises that you learned once upon a time from the internet, a friend or who knows, maybe even your old gym teacher.

Sound Familiar?

Who knows, maybe you even tried some of the new popular trends like Orange Theory or 9Round.. but that’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

You haven’t had a good experience with a personal trainer or you don’t want to waste your time with them because you don’t think you need it…

That my friends, is exactly why I’ve developed Pr1me Workout Principles and my Strength and Conditioning Programs. 

You see, not everyone needs 1 on 1 personal training and there is a cohort of people who are completely independent in their programming or have already found something that works for them.

But what about everyone in between?

Again, that’s where you choose my Strength and Conditioning Programs and let me tell you why. 

Why Choose Dr. Kuntz’s Strength and Conditioning Programs 

My name is Dr. Chad Kuntz and I have been working and submerged in the Health and Fitness industry for 11+ years now. After treating  hundreds of clients before and leaving it up to them to find their own workout program, I realized that I was failing my clients miserably.

I realized that all I needed to do was to apply all of the education, personal experience, and up to date research from the world’s best and apply it in a way that is perfect for each and every individual that utilizes it.

How Does It Work?


We set up a Discovery Visit. This allows me to get to know you a little bit, understand what your background is, and understand what barriersyou’ve had in the past when trying to accomplish your main goal. We will take circumference measurements, assess your body fat via fat calipers, and take pre-pictures ( with your consent).


You will receive a Questionnaire that gets into detail all of the questions that I need answered in order to create the perfect program that tends towards your health and fitness goals. Someone looking to put on mass versus someone looking to hit a golf ball further require two completely different programs.


We meet up at Anytime Fitness and run through a sample of your program. This is where I will review the exercises with you personally and provide feedback as to how, if at all, you need to modify or change the way you’re performing the exercise to ensure you do it perfectly.

I like to use your phone to record clips of the exercises and talk while you do it so you can go back and listen to it when you do it without me!


I give you the independence in your program that you love! You now have a program that you feel confidently about doing, you are held accountable by me and you are now more dedicated than ever! It’s a wonderful thing.

To Get started, Check Out These 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pr1me Movement’s Strength and Conditioning Programs.

green markSpecific To You- Each and every individual is slightly different. You need a workout program that is based upon your goal weight, your personal goals, and if you play a sport, you better believe it will match up towards your sport specific goals.

green markGoal-Oriented – I’ve realized that it does a huge disservice to each and every client of mine if they do not have a objective goal that they are shooting for. It helps align expectations and creates a game plan!

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Valuable – When’s the last time you had someone take up to 2-3 hours and personally go through the workouts with you.. and that someone happened to be Charlotte’s # 1 Sports Doctor and Weight Training Specialist. You will receive invaluable advice and life long tips that you can take with you forever.

green markProgressive – Each program in one way another has an opportunity to progress yourself, whether it be the weight lifted ( strength), the volume, or the intensity of the exercise. You won’t find the opportunity to push yourself like ever before in each and every one of my programs.

green markAdhering – You’ll hear me say this once and you’ll hear me say it again. People need programs that they can adhere to! Programs are failing millions of people out there and it makes the client feel even worse than when they first started because they failed to accomplish a program. This creates feelings of remorse and moves in the wrong direction. My programs all incorporate what is known as a “Deload week,” within them providing you an opportunity for psychological relief and a much needed break.

green markHand Picked Exercises– There are a lot of exercises out there! Not all of them are good… In fact, there are a lot of ‘fu-fu’ exercises, meaning they look fancy, but they really don’t do a whole lot. In fact, some of them can even get you hurt. I’ve spent countless years slowly adding into my 540+ exercise pot that are all handpicked and intelligently programed into your program.

green markLife Changing – Maybe the most favorite of them all. Life Changing! I want my clients to develop life long, habitual changes for the better. I believe I’ve done just that with my 10 week workout programs where you learn movement patterns and develop weight lifting habits that can last a lifetime.

In addition…

I also offer Nutritional Guides that can provide you the complimentary, dietary information that you need to help perfect each and every workout. This can be whether you’re looking to build more mass and size, or whether you’re looking to get serious about losing fat.

Okay back to my Strength and Conditioning Programs.

I conveniently offer 10 different Pr1me Workout Principles that each have their own emphasis and specialty. They range from the first time you will ever step into a gym to various, complicated and robust programs that challenge you in multiple ways.

Please feel free to take a look at the 10 different Pr1me Movement Workout Principles!

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“I’d love to show you how I can help you reach your goal weight with the help of these programs! These programs are based upon foundational research and physiological principles and are the best out there! I promise you that.”

“Sign Up for a Discovery Visit and Lets Get Started!”

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  • Andrue Bergmooser
    Chad is always able to adjust treatments each session to accommodate my needs. He seems to always be researching new techniques and applying them in his practice. I feel genuinely cared for and am confident in my recovery. I would recommend him, especially if you have had a bad experience with physical therapy elsewhere. One of a kind.
    Andrue Bergmooser
  • Kevin Fay
    I was fortunate enough to work along side of Dr Kuntz for a couple of years when he and I worked at a busy out-patient PT clinic in Arizona. Each week I was impressed with how excellent of a clinician he was in helping his patients improve. Specifically, Chad was very skilled in finding the problematic part and provoking movements and equally skilled in correcting or solving the issue with simple, yet thorough, corrective and conditioning exercises. I was always impressed too with how dedicated he was to listening to his patients and building a great relationship with them. This was vital to their overall progress and evident in how loyal they'd be when they needed help with other painful problems as they'd come back at a later date specifically wanting to work with him. If I had a patient I was working with that I felt would benefit from working with Chad, I wouldn't hesitate to refer that person to him as I know they'd get the highest quality of care.
    Kevin Fay
  • Ryan P
    I went to Chad because I shoulder pain from a hockey injury, as well as the shoulder was severely internally rotated due to have a desk job for so many years. Chad was very thorough in finding exactly where the injury/ week point was. It took him just 3 visits to basically have the shoulder almost back to 100%. He was very hands on, he went over a variety of exercises I could do on my one in order to continue my rehab when I wasn’t with him and he was great about getting right back to me if I text him a video or question. I cannot recommend him enough if you have pin or an injury. His knowledge and experience are second to none and even though for the most part my shoulder is back in the right path, I plan on continuing to see him at least once a month, because his sessions are second to none!
    Ryan P