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Who Does Dr. Kuntz see? Treat? Work With?

Recreational Athletes

Running Picture

Dr. Kuntz  specializes in helping athletes return to play as quickly as possible. He understands how important
it is for the athlete to not only regain function, but to exceed in their beloved sport.


Weekend Warriors

wekend warrios

Life is busier nowadays however most of us try to sneak in a hardcore workout during the
weekend to make up for a lackadaisical week. Don’t let a lingering injury keep you from living the active lifestyle you need!


Middle Aged Men / Women

middle age

Dr. Kuntz understands how busy life can get with a business, a family and trying to stay active yourself. He feels he is a perfect fit
for you if this describes you in any way as he helps this population return to their active lifestyle immediately.


Greater than 55

balance elderly

As we age, it is important to us that we can stay healthy enough to support our family. This may be improving confidence
in balance, improving your strength, or becoming more independent in our lives.


ACL’s and Post Surgical Patients

You’ve just had surgery and need to recover ASAP! Or you’ve had the surgery a few months ago
, “tried,” physical therapy, yet still are having some disappointing aches and pains.
Let Dr. Kuntz provide you the 1-1 care that you deserve in order to help you return to the life you’re desperate for.





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  • Andrue Bergmooser
    Chad is always able to adjust treatments each session to accommodate my needs. He seems to always be researching new techniques and applying them in his practice. I feel genuinely cared for and am confident in my recovery. I would recommend him, especially if you have had a bad experience with physical therapy elsewhere. One of a kind.
    Andrue Bergmooser
  • Kevin Fay
    I was fortunate enough to work along side of Dr Kuntz for a couple of years when he and I worked at a busy out-patient PT clinic in Arizona. Each week I was impressed with how excellent of a clinician he was in helping his patients improve. Specifically, Chad was very skilled in finding the problematic part and provoking movements and equally skilled in correcting or solving the issue with simple, yet thorough, corrective and conditioning exercises. I was always impressed too with how dedicated he was to listening to his patients and building a great relationship with them. This was vital to their overall progress and evident in how loyal they'd be when they needed help with other painful problems as they'd come back at a later date specifically wanting to work with him. If I had a patient I was working with that I felt would benefit from working with Chad, I wouldn't hesitate to refer that person to him as I know they'd get the highest quality of care.
    Kevin Fay
  • Ryan P
    I went to Chad because I shoulder pain from a hockey injury, as well as the shoulder was severely internally rotated due to have a desk job for so many years. Chad was very thorough in finding exactly where the injury/ week point was. It took him just 3 visits to basically have the shoulder almost back to 100%. He was very hands on, he went over a variety of exercises I could do on my one in order to continue my rehab when I wasn’t with him and he was great about getting right back to me if I text him a video or question. I cannot recommend him enough if you have pin or an injury. His knowledge and experience are second to none and even though for the most part my shoulder is back in the right path, I plan on continuing to see him at least once a month, because his sessions are second to none!
    Ryan P